Building customer relationships isn’t so easy any more. Today’s digital-age buyers would rather text than talk. They shop by click-and-order, not brick and mortar. “Customer loyalty” is almost an oxymoron: if you can’t help them right away, they will hit the web and find someone else who will. This detached form of buying and selling makes it more important to build meaningful relationships that create loyal customers.


Flourishing sales need deep-rooted relationships. People quickly see through the scripted lines and phony robo-chats that most companies pass off as “customer care.” Every contact is a rare opportunity to set your company apart in the hearts and minds of your audience. It’s your chance to create a human connection -- whether it’s a product order, a service inquiry or a complex tech support issue.


Let Fusion help you re-engage with your customers. At our regional centers in California and Nevada, we coach our people in grammar and social networking -- not just sales and service -- skills necessary to cut through the detachment of digital commerce. The result: we do more than placate your customers. We create meaningful conversations that lead to repeat purchases and raving fans.

Fusion Contact Centers – U.S Advantage

1) Customer Satisfaction: The satisfaction of an experience with a contact center agent is one of the most critical aspects of that person’s perception on your company and brand. Interactions handled by U.S. agents were 21% more likely to be considered satisfied with the service that they received than calls handled by agents located outside of the U.S. ( 79% Satisfied with U.S. based agents, 58% Satisfied with agents located outside of the U.S.)

2) Effectively Handling Issues and Resolving Inquires: It is essential to ensure that the gamers questions; concerns or support needs are fully resolved after contacting your contact center agents. U.S.-based agents typically have the ability to effectively handle issues 22% better than agents located outside of the U.S. and are able to answer questions 9% better than non-U.S. based agents. (Effective in Handling your Issues: U.S.: 84%, Outside of the U.S.: 62%; Inquires were Resolved: U.S.: 94% and Outside of the U.S.: 85%)

3) First Call Resolution Rates: Not only is it essential to resolve inquiries and handle issues it is crucial to your brand to strive for high first contact resolution rates. According to the CCSI 2010, U.S. agents are more likely to resolve the caller’s questions or problems within the first contact made. (Inquiry was resolved on the first call: U.S.: 67%, Outside the U.S.: 50%)

4) Ability to Understand Agents: In order to ensure that inquiries are being resolved and customer satisfaction is high it is vital for gamers to be able to clearly understand the contact center agents and vice-versa. Often times, English is not a primary language for agents located outside of the U.S. At times this can cause some issues with fully understanding a gamers need. The CCSI 2010 report indicates that agents located within the U.S. by far are easier to understand than agents located outside of the U.S. (Ease of Understanding: 85% U.S.-based agents, 54% Agents Located Outside of the U.S.)

Fusion continually outperforms like kind suppliers as well as those located off or near shore in both SLA’s and CPT (Cost Per Transaction). Our success model lends itself well to companies that are just starting up and need a strategic partner to grow with them or established companies re-launching, re-branding or growing into new revenue opportunities.

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“Our Fusion team truly relates to our customers. Its not just about completing calls or answering chats… its about listening to the voice of our customers. Fusion does this very well and it shows on our bottom line!"

-- Fusion Client

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